Friday, February 15, 2013

The Conclave of the Media

Pope Benedict XVI, in his address to the clergy of Rome on the 14th of February 2013, revealed that during the sessions of the Second Vatican Council, there was the Council of the Fathers -- the true council - and the "Council of the Media" - which was a virtual council. The "Council of the Media," so "dominant and efficient," was responsible for the distortions we now have of how the Second Vatican Council is understood. Vatican II never meant banalizing the liturgy or trivialization of it, nor did it mean decentralization of the Church, treating the Holy Scriptures as a mere book to be treated as something historical and nothing else, and so on.

As Pope Benedict XVI ends his Petrine ministry on February 28, everyone now is in anticipation for the upcoming conclave. Media is again not far behind, and is in fact even ahead of the true conclave! I believe what we are witnessing now is the "Conclave of the Media" having a head start while the Conclave of the Cardinals - the true conclave - will begin a week or two after Benedict XVI's papacy ends. The Conclave of the Media is mind conditioning, brainwashing and distorting once again the minds of the faithful by giving names of the media's favorite possible candidates to the Chair of St. Peter and why the faithful should want any of them as Pope. The media wants the next Pope to accept gay marriages, contraception, abortion, profane worship, and more. In other words, the media wants the next Pope to be a non-catholic. They may not find a non-catholic candidate but at least the next best thing...someone whom they think is the best person to forward its agenda or at least a step closer to it.

Satan is using once again media to destroy the Church by distorting the minds of the faithful. The good thing is that the Holy Spirit is in charge. As the true Church is slowly emerging from the ashes caused by the turmoil, calamity, havoc and distortions of the "Council of the Media" with the support of the heretical modernists, so too will she prevail in this conclave and for the years to come.

Thank you Pope Benedict XVI for setting the right course and steering the heavy Barque away from the "Council of the Media." May God continue to protect and bless His One True Church. Amen.