Saturday, February 28, 2009

Divine Worship Prefect to Celebrate TLM

Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments will be celebrating the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite on April 21 at the Cathedral of St. John the Lateran in Rome. How fitting and significant to all of us that this prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments be celebrating in the Cathedral of Rome what Msgr. Moises Andrade of blessed memory called , in reference to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, "...once more to be the guiding principle in the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass."

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Moises Andrade, S.Th.D., S.L.L. 1948-2009

It is with great sadness that I share the news the passing of Rt. Rev. Monsignor Moises Andrade, STL at 4:30am after suffering a massive stroke last Thursday afternoon. Condolences to the family and close friends of our beloved spiritual father and adviser, Msgr. Andrade.

In paradisum deducant te Angeli: in tuo adventu suscipiant te Martyres, et perducant te in civitatem sanctam Jerusalem. Chorus Angelorum te suscipiat, et cum Lazaro quondam paupere aeternam habeas requiem.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Request for Prayers

Kindly help pray for the recovery of Msgr. Moises Andrade, a renowned liturgist and pastor of the National Shrine of our Lady of Fatima, who is currently confined at the Fatima Hospital.
Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis.

[Update: 13:35 20 February 2009 GMT +8]
Please pray for the Monsignor who is very critical as of the moment.

Mary, Help of Christians, our Lady of Fatima, please pray for your beloved priest, Msgr. Moises Andrade.

[Update: 14:30 20 February 2009 GMT +8]
Our beloved spiritual adviser, Monsignor Moises Andrade, is now brain dead. We must now double our efforts to intercede for our beloved father for a miraculous recovery but we have to accept the will of the Father.

[Update: 24:25 20 February 2009 GMT +8]
Msgr. Moises Andrade condition is stabilized but with the aide of respirator. Let us continue praying for improvements in his condition and his speedy recovery.

[Update: 5:15 23 February 2009 GMT +8]
Msgr. Moises Andrade has passed on at around 4:30AM.

    Name:Moises Bernardino Andrade

    Date of Birth:23 September 1948

    Place of Birth:Sta. Cruz, Manila,

    Elementary School:

    Marilao Elementary Public School, second honor

    High School:

    Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary, first in Latin


    San Carlos Major Seminary

    Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, magna cum laude

    Graduate Studies:

    University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Theology
    Bachelor of Theology, magna cum laude

    Licentiate in Theology, magna cum laude

    Doctorate in Theology, magna cum laude

    University of Santo Tomas, Graduate School
    Sociology Course
    Summer Classes of 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972

    Asian Social Institute

    Candidate for Master's Degree in Sociology

    University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Science

    Comparative Zoology
    Summer Course of 1976

    Far Eastern University, Manila

    Candidate for Master's Degree in Science

    Liturgical Studies:

    Pontifical Institute of Liturgy, Rome

    Licentiate in Liturgy, summa cum laude

    Doctorate in Liturgy, magna cum laude

    Ordination to Presbyterate: 10 December 1972

    Teaching Experiences:

    University of Santo Tomas, Faculty of Theology

    Divine Word Seminary, Tagaytay City

    Immaculate Conception Seminary, Guiguinto, Bulacan

    Don Bosco Center of Theological Studies, Paranaque, Metro Manila

    Saint Vincent School of Theology, Novaliches, Quezon City

    Our Lady of Angels Seminary, Novaliches, Quezon City

    Maryhill School of Theology, Quezon City

    Saint Alphonsus School of Theology, Lucena City

    Lumen Christi Catechetical Center supervised by FMM Sisters

    Mother of Life Catechetical Center supervised by NDV nuns

    Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music

    Paul VI Institute of Liturgy, Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Announcement: A Low Mass by Father Joseph Skelton

From an email:

Father Joseph Skelton will be celebrating a low mass according to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, 3pm tomorrow at St. Jerome Emiliani and Sta. Susanna Parish in Ayala Alabang.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just a thought

Is there anything to be afraid of the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, gregorian chants, liturgically correct vestments, ad orientem, latin, and other things that goes with it? If I remember it correctly, these used to be considered sacred and if I remember it correctly, Pope Benedict XVI said it continues to be sacred. Who is afraid of sacred things? I'm just asking.

Photo from Hallowed Ground

Friday Noon Masses at UA&P to be Celebrated in Latin

From an email:

Beginning February 20, the Friday noon Mass at the Stella Orientis Oratory will be celebrated in Latin. The Mass will continue to be the ordinary rite as approved by Vatican II, not the extraordinary rite or the so-called Tridentine Mass.

Celebrating the Friday noon Mass this way will preserve the use of Latin in the liturgy, as encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI. Using Latin in the Mass has never been stopped or prohibited. In the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy ­ Sacrosanctum Concilium ­ the Second Vatican Council, while allowing the use of the vernacular, also affirmed that the “use of the Latin language (…) is to be preserved in the Latin rites." (no. 36)

The spiritual formation of the students of the University of Asia and the Pacific is entrusted to the Opus Dei.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Grandpa: Maximo F. Cenir R.I.P.

Maximo Figurasin Ceñir
1909 - 2009

May the angels lead you into paradise: may the martyrs receive you at your coming, and lead you into the holy city, Jerusalem. May the choir of angels receive you, and with Lazarus, who once was poor, may you have everlasting rest.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Father Erwin Dela Cruz's First Missa Cantata

Rev. Father Erwin Dela Cruz, a priest from the Prelature of Batanes celebrate his first Missa Cantata according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite last Sunday, February 1, 2009. Not new to the extraordinary form, his exposure to the extraordinary form was as deacon to the Solemn Pontifical High Mass (at the faldstool) of his bishop, Most Reverend Camilo Gregorio, D.D. last September 14, 2008, and the Solemn High Mass celebrated by Rev. Father Moises Cabrera in the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy in Sikatuna Village, Diocese of Cubao. He was also assistant priest to the sung masses of Bishop Camilo Gregorio in St. James Parish and St. Jerome Emiliani and Sta. Susanna Parish, both in the Diocese of Paranaque.

Archdiocese of Manila guidelines on the celebration of the Tridentine Mass

From the Archdiocese of Manila website:


In accordance with the norms laid down by the Apostolic Letter, issued motu propio, of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, Summorum Pontificum, We hereby establish the following guidelines and conditions on the celebration of the Mass according to the rite of the Roman Missal published in 1962 (Tridentine Mass) in the Archdiocese of Manila:

  1. The regulation of the celebration of this extraordinary form of the Mass belongs to the Archbishop of Manila, through the Minister of the Ministry for Liturgical Affairs of the Archdiocese of Manila.

  2. This form of Mass is to be celebrated only at the Christ the King Chapel of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Manila once a month, but not on Sundays and Solemnities.

  3. The presider at this form of celebration should be a priest duly appointed by the Archbishop of Manila.

  4. To ensure the solemnity and orderliness of the celebration of this form of Mass, the participation of other ministers (i.e., lectors, Master of Ceremonies, servers, choir, etc.) in the liturgy is to be determined and regulated by the Ministry for Liturgical Affairs of the Archdiocese of Manila.

  5. The celebration of the extraordinary form of the Mass in this Chapel is open to any individual or group in the Archdiocese of Manila who may have the desire to participate in such celebrations. Further requests from individuals or groups from the parishes of or who belong to the Archdiocese of Manila to celebrate this form of Mass is to be directed to join the monthly celebration at the Manila Cathedral.
  1. It is highly encouraged that a missal / booklet of the rite in Latin and English be prepared to help the faithful follow the celebration. It is like wise encouraged that those who will participate in this Mass undergo a catechetical orientation before the celebration.
  1. The Archbishop of Manila has jurisdiction over this celebration and, therefore, can decide to limit or discontinue this monthly celebration anytime he judges that this is not consonance with the whole pastoral direction of the Local Church.

Given in Manila, this 8th day of December 2008.

Archbishop of Manila

Announcement: Alabang Sunday TLM

The regular Sunday TLM in St. Jerome Emiliani and Sta. Susana Parish, Alabang will temporarily move to San Beda Alabang Chapel this Sunday at 9:00AM to give way to the celebrations of the Feast of St. Jerome Emiliani.

San Beda Alabang is located in Alabang Village, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Photo courtesy of Ex Fide in Fidem

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

From the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Aragorn: "Fight for us, and regain your honor. What say you?"

Monday, February 02, 2009

Pray for the Christ's Vicar

The author of this blog joins the call of Michael Sternbeck and the whole Rorate-Caeli team in praying for Pope Benedict XVI specially during these times. May the angels of our Lord under the leadership of St. Michael the Archangel protect our beloved Pope.

Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in praelio.
Contra nequitiam et insidias
diaboli esto praesidium.
Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur.
Tuque princeps militiae caelestis,
Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos,
qui ad perditionem animarum
pervagantur in mundo divina virtute in
infernum detrude. Amen.

Photo Credits: Pope