Wednesday, April 12, 2006

To the Filipino

this is the reaction i made when i read again in another forum a fellow filipino who is ready to leave the country when the right offer comes due to discontentment with the current political situation:

Author: Do good for your family but do what is best for your country.
Q: What do you think would be best for the country at this point?
Author: Sacrifice
Q: Sir, what kind of sacrifice? Can you elaborate? I'm just curious.

A: We have to pause for a moment, reflect and step down and get back to basics.

Getting back to basics is indeed hard and would require sacrifice.

What kind of sacrifice can we do for the country? I propose some examples:

1. Be disciplined. Fall in line properly. Obey traffic rules. Be punctual. etc. It is hard to be disciplined, and means sacrifice.

2. Teach our sons and daughters and ourselves about service. This may entail sacrificing the possibility of future financial wealth. Example: We often tell our children, "Go get a nursing degree and work abroad, that way, you'll earn lots of money." Here, earning lots of money becomes the priority, the objective, instead of the true meaning of nursing which is service. Today, when you are in the hospital, you seldom see nurses get out of their way to help and assist the sick and the needy, they often pass it to hospital aides even though the patient requires immediate help. We see more and more nurses and doctors who go abroad, sadly most of them have the objective to earn more, instead of to serve their countrymen. Its not that earning money is bad, it becomes bad when it becomes the priority and making service only second.

3. If we have a lot of spare time to devote for our personal wants and needs besides work, why not give some of that time and devote it for civic oriented groups?

4. Others, would leave because of their discontent of political issues. If everybody who is discontent, but capable of serving and leading, leave, then kawawa talaga ang Pilipinas. The "crocodiles" are happy and continue to ruin the lives of the Filipino because we have failed to do our duty as citizens. We are capable of serving and leading but we run away. Stand up, be active and participate in the affairs of the State. Affairs of the State is not only the for the traditional politicians whom we all know, it is the GOD given duty of every citizen to participate actively and lively in the affairs of the State. Is this rebellion? NO! Rebellion is turning back on our duties as citizens. Here, we are just doing our job and duty to promote the common good, through common sense.

"Capable nga ako pero ayoko maging pinuno, tutulong ako in the sidelines." "Pag umalis naman ako, makakatulong ako, magpapadala ako ng dollars, nakakatulong pa din ako in the sidelines." Please, wag nyo gawing sideline ang Pilipinas! When called to lead, LEAD. When called to serve, SERVE.

"Wala ako mapapala dito, kaya aalis nalang ako." Kung ikaw lang mag isa, wala talaga, pero kung marami tayo, at karamihan magsasakripisyo, sinisigurado ko sa inyo, may mapapala lahat tayo. Totoo ang Pilipinas ay bansang pinagpala. Kaya dapat lang gawin ng bawat isa ang kanikanilang tungkulin para sa bayan, para tayong lahat ay may mapala.

Again, sacrifice for the common good, through common sense.