Wednesday, November 14, 2007

TLM on November 17 as requested by Our Lady of Fatima Devotees from Diocese of Malolos

Sent through email:

Msgr. Moises Andrade will celebrate a sung Traditional Latin Mass as requested by Our Lady of Fatima devotees from different parts of the Diocese of Malolos this Saturday, Nov.17, 10am, at the National Shrine of OL of Fatima, MacArthur hi way., near Fatima College, Valenzuela ( 5 min drive form Monumento w/out traffic). Nov. 25, TLM at 8pm at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine will be celebrated by Fr. Joseph Skelton.

Spread the word, everyone is invited!


TLM Offered in St. James the Great, Ayala Alabang

I just received this from email:

Annuntio Vobis Gaudium Magnum,

We had the first Sung Traditional Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missal 6pm last night at St. James the Great Parish in Ayala Alabang with a less than a hundred people in attendance. Msgr. Moises Andrade was celebrant at the High Altar donning gold vestments while I was at the prgan with an impromptu schola chanting the Missa di Angelis. Thanks to the initiative of parishioner, former Malacanang Protocol Adviser Ambassador Daniel Victoria who is an expert with the pre-Vatican II liturgical rubrics, serving as Master of Ceremonies to several bishops and cardinals starting with the late Cardinal Santos in the 1960's. We learned a lot from his detailed experience at his residence afterwards. I will announce the future Alabang TLM at our yahoogroups. Those near the Caloocan, Malabon or Valenzuela area may attend Sung TLM every Sunday at 8pm with Msgr. Andrade at the National Shrine of OL of Fatima at Valenzuela near Fatima College.

We need voulunteers to be Mass servers and part of the choir/schola!


Request for Prayers

A grand uncle of mine, Dr. Virgilio Remo, a former Mayor of Cuenca, Batangas and the younger brother of Lola Eli and Lola Ancion, has passed on last Sunday. I thank you in advance for including him in your prayers.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Archbishop Ranjith on ongoing Episcopal "Rebellion"

I really find it strange why some openly disobey the Pope with regards to the Traditional Mass. Some even add or remove words from the Holy Father's mouth just to down play his intentions with regards to the Traditional Mass or add or remove words to focus on an entirely different and irrelevant issues. Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, the Secretary of the Congregation of Divine Worship has this to say from an interview in papal news website Petrus:

[Translation taken from Rorate-Caeli website:]

Your Excellency, how has Benedict XVI´s motu proprio which liberalized the Holy Mass according to the Tridentine Rite been received? Some, in the bosom of the Church itself, have turned their noses...

"There have been positive reactions and, it is useless to deny it, criticisms and opposition , even from theologians, liturgists, priests, Bishops, and even Cardinals. I frankly do not understand these rifts, and, why not [say it], rebellion towards the Pope. I invite all, particularly the Shepherds, to obey the Pope, who is the Successor of Peter. The Bishops, in particular, have sworn fidelity to the Pontiff: may they be coherent and faithful to their commitment."

In your opinion, what causes these displays against the Motu Proprio?

"You know that there have been, by some dioceses, even interpretative documents which inexplainably intend to limit the Pope's Motu Proprio. These actions mask behind them, on one hand, prejudices of an ideological kind and, on the other, pride, one of the gravest sins. I repeat: I call all to obey the Pope. If the Holy father decided to promulgate the Motu Proprio, he had his reasons, which I fully share."

Benedict XVI´s decision to liberalize the Tridentine Rite seems as a just remedy to the so many liturgical abuses sadly registered after the Second Vatican Council with the 'Novus Ordo'...

"See, I do not wish to criticize the 'Novus Ordo'. But I laugh when I hear it said, even by friends, that in a [certain] parish, a priest is 'a Saint' due to his homily or to how he speaks. The Holy Mass is sacrifice, gift, mystery, independently of the celebrating priest. It is important, fundamental even, that the priest be put aside: the protagonist of the Mass is Christ. I do not understand, thus, the Eucharistic celebrations transformed in shows with dances, songs, and applause, as it frequently happens with the Novus Ordo."

Monsignor Patabendige, your Congregation has repeatedly denounced these liturgical abuses...

"True. There are so many documents, which have nonetheless painfully remained dead letter, [which] have ended up on dusty shelves or, even worse, in wastebaskets."

Another point: one often hears very long homilies...

"This also is an abuse. I am opposed to dances and applause in the middle of the Masses, which are not a circus or a stadium. As for the homilies, they must relate, as the Pope has underlined, exclusively to the catechetical aspect, avoiding sociologisms and useless chatter. For example, priests often veer towards politics because they have not prepared well the homily, which must, instead, be scrupulously studied. An excessively long homily is synonymous with a scarce preparation: the correct time for a sermon must be of 10 minutes, 15 at most. It must be acknowledged that the culminating moment of the celebration is the Eucharistic mystery, which does not mean downplaying the Liturgy of the Word, but clarifying how a correct liturgy must be applied."

Returning to the Motu Proprio: some criticize the use of Latin during Mass...

"The Tridentine Rite is part of the tradition of the Church. The Pope has duly explained the motives for his measure, an act of liberty and justice towards Traditionalists. As for Latin, I wish to underline that it has never been abolished and, what is more, it guarantees the universality of the Church. But I repeat: I invite priests, Bishops, and Cardinals to obedience, setting aside every kind of pride and prejudice."