Sunday, May 20, 2007

Metro Manila Classical Roman Rite Pictures

Here are some pics of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Classical Roman Rite here in Metro Manila. It is celebrated by the parish priest, Fr. Michell Joe Zerrudo.
Lord of the Divine Mercy Altar

Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti...

The Body of our Lord is lifted up for worship

The Blood of our Lord is lifted up for worship

I would like to thank Fr. Jojo for allowing me to take pictures of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Fr. Jojo Zerrudo is truly an inspiration and guide to us faithful who love the Classical Mass.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Metro Manila Indult Mass

The indult mass where my family and I attend to has been moved to a different parish. The location seems better and more conducive to prayer as the previous parish is very close to a public gymnasium where public events seems to always coincide with the Classical Mass. I'll be posting pictures soon.