Thursday, November 25, 2010

Irresponsible Journalism: SHAME ON YOU!

ABS-CBN News Team should be ashamed of themselves for posting such a headline. It is clear that they did not make a thorough research on the matter but only rely on their international news agencies as sources.

This is a sample of irresponsible, bias and idiotic journalism coming from ABS-CBN. Having been experts in making sensational reporting out of police reports such as mugging, robberies, rapes, road accidents must have exhausted a lot of neurons.

This is their headline now:

Only shows what their goal is.

This is today's headline from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

This one comes from the Philippine Star:

These broadsheets are becoming more useful as fishwraps for tinapa and tuyo.


WillyJ said...

It seems they swallowed the Associated Press article.. hook, line and sinker. The result of fish brains I think. "Balanced News, Fearless Views"...daw, pero fishwrap pala.

Gerald said...

I've been using PDI for cat's poo.

pfalcone said...

I have a colleague who used to work for ABS-CBN News - if people think that the entertainment industry is dirty (with the "gamitan" attitude, sex, drugs and controversies), the news section is way more evil as it blatantly manipulates the truth to present a certain agenda (my colleague then was involved in the "cooking" of the story involving the funds of the Archdiocese of Manila in Monte de Piedad bank several years ago - that the orders for concocting the story to discredit the local Church hierarchy came all the way from the top). Not to mention the "gamitan" attitude as present in showbiz, sex, drugs and controversies.

I used to jest that "controversy creates cash". My disappointment is that it is utterly true, and most disappointed that these would came from the "intelligent graduates" of UP who are an overwhelming lot in ABS-CBN.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how this is irresponsible journalism.

Condoms really are the less of two evils. And HIV rates really ARE soaring.

Where's the bad journalism?

Josemaria Paulo Jeromino Martin Carvalho-Von Verster said...

Ummm....Dude There is Bad Journalism,Nuff Said!

clar said...

very informative and useful info.THANKS!!!