Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Traditional Requiem Mass at PLDM

Story by: Mark Robinson Bunag
Photos by: Randyhl Janiola

On May 8, 2008, Fr. Froilan Rivera celebrated the Requiem Mass of 4th Class (R.M., n. 423) are other “daily” Masses of the dead that may be celebrated – instead of the Mass of the office of the day – on ferias of 4th class. The formulary used is the Missa Quotidiana. In requiem Masses of 4th class (the “daily Mass of the dead”) if the Mass is celebrated for a definite person or persons the appropriate prayer from the Orationes Diversæ is said and the prayer Fidelium is used.

The Mass is for all the faithful departed and for an undetermined group (especially the most abandoned souls in purgatory), the prayers are said, without change of order or text, as they are found in the daily Mass formulary. The requiem Mass was attended by many faithful who have devotion to the Holy Souls.

A requiem Mass is a Mass, outside the order of the liturgy of the day, celebrated, according to a special rite, for the dead. A Mass for the dead in a wider term, as Masses which are not requiem are often celebrated for the dead according to the wish of the celebrant who makes an offering for the celebration. (cf. Rubricæ Missalis Romani, no. 32).

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Anonymous said...

Fr. Froilan is certified prayer warrior of the holy souls in purgatory....