Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bicol Tridentine Mass Update: Siervas de Jesus Convent Iriga City

Story by: Dr. Herbert Rosana

I was privilege to be invited on May 4, 2008 to assist in the TLM celebrated by Fr. Abe, CRS in connection with the retreat he conducted with the nuns and novices of the Siervas de Jesus Convent in Iriga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines.
Iriga is a City in the Center of the Bicol Peninsula. Fr. Abe wanted to provide the sisters a window to the ancient Liturgy of the Latin Rite. It seems now that through this apostolate, the TLM is being propagated little by little in the Bicol Peninsula where the Traditional Forms of the Liturgy has vanished since the post conciliar reform of the Liturgy.

We were delighted to have the Superior of the House sing, who herself is a musician and singer. So we had a schola for the first time since the TLM was celebrated last February 2008 in Sorsogon City. This was our first Missa Cantata.

Indeed it was edifying to observe how the sisters sang and responded to the dialogues of the Mass. It was also their first time to observe the silent recitation of the Canon of the Mass. Indeed what a fitting spiritual treat to retreatants to savour the beauty of this ancient liturgy celebrated by saints of old and until now continues to edify the faithful.
Even if bereft of vestments and other minor vessels, the Mass in its ancient form can be celebrated in the most dignified way. And it never fails to exude it spiritual beauty and radiance. A delight to the souls of them that trusts in the Lord, who listens to His Word and accept the gift of salvation.
What shall I give to the Lord for all the things He has done unto me? I will take the cup of salvation and praise the name of the Lord!

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Fr. Abe, CRS said...

Once again thank you Bro. Gerald in posting about our TLM in Iriga City with the Siervas de Jesus de la Caridad. Our photographer is a very young Sister whose mind was still affected by Novus Ordo. So instead of taking pictures at the back of the celebrant she decided to open the door leading to the Sacristy facing the people. So that some of the pictures appear like Novus Ordo because the celebrant faces the camera. More photos of the event can be found in our blog THE SPLENDOR OF THE CHURCH.

For our communion we put two small kneelers in front so that the communicants still had to fall in line but once they reach the priest they have to kneel in front and receive it on tongue. One sisters told me that it brought back memories of her First Communion.

In the 5 days retreat with the Sisters, they attended 4 Novus Ordo Mass and 1 Missa Cantata TLM.