Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CBCP News: Archbishop Dosado urges faithful: 'Defend Church’s doctrines'

Congratulations to Archbishop Dosado and the Catholic Faith Defenders!

OZAMIS CITY, May 10, 2008―The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Ozamis, Archbishop Jesus A. Dosado, C.M., called on the faithful to “defend Catholic church doctrines” as he urged for a rebirth of apologetics, “the first subject we used to study when we began our Theology in the seminary.”

The prelate said the time is “ripe for a revival of the defense of our religion by reason illuminated by faith.” He said apologetics should be centered on the living testimony of believers rather than the traditional philosophical and historical reason, “not on the traditional question of ‘how we get to God’ but God comes to us.”

He explained that apologetics of personal testimony is particularly suited to the nature of Catholicism and traditional arguments are still necessary.

“There’s a need to study the scriptures, the Catechism, the History of the Church and especially the teachings of the magisterium,” the prelate said.

In a separate interview Friday afternoon, Bro. Reynaldo Rosal, Catholic Faith Defenders’ (CFD) chairman for religious programs, said the government’s Securities and Exchange Commission noted a significant growth in Christian fundamentalist groups from 228 before 1980 to 1,448 from 1980 to 1989.

CFD National Treasurer Adam Amper said “Our Catholic faith is a way of life which we are supposed to live with and we are called to defend.”

He added the Acts and Decrees of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines recognize Apologetics as an important part of the pastoral and theological tradition of the Catholic Church.

Dosado, in his letter to the Catholic Faith Defenders, has recognized its role in helping propagate the Gospel as it is mandated to “study Catholic doctrines, dogmas, precepts and traditions of the Church; to uphold and defend, in writing and in speech the Catholic faith from attacks and denunciations whether from within or from without.”

Catholic Faith Defenders of Ozamis City leads in the evangelization programs over Catholic-run DxDD AM – Radyo Kampana.

The Catholic Faith Defenders – Ozamis chapter will renew their oath before Archbishop Dosado at a 5 a.m Mass on Pentecost Sunday. (Wendell Talibong)

Photograph of Archbishop Dosado taken from CBCP Online.

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