Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sorsogon, Bicol Tridentine Mass Update

Story By: Dr. Herbert Rosana

On the fifth Sunday after Easter, Fr. Abe, CRS celebrated the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. A group of lay faithful assisted in the Mass. I was privileged to be present to assist in this Mass. The inclement weather outside brought heavy down pours, but despite of that Fr. Abe and the rest of us were able to fulfill our Sunday obligations. Fr. Abe had just concluded a weeklong retreat with the Somascan Sisters plus the series of activities in the convent and in the school. They were also preparing for the 'despedida" for priests and religious who will be leaving for new assignments.

Fr. Richard Germanetto, CRS, his superior was transferred to their Seminary in Tagaytay. Fr. Richard was the one who gave encouragement to Fr. Abe to say this Mass. In fact before leaving for his new assignment, Fr. Richard bequeted to Fr. Abe a copy of the Liber Usualis.

Due to stress brought about by the demands of the work, it was inevitable that Fr. Abe sufferred from his sinusitis, but he said that the thought that he would be celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass strengthened him and by a miracle this Sunday he was already feeling well.

He was able to say the Mass for all of us. I observe that as time goes on things are getting better with our celebrations. Hopefully by June we shall be able to have the Missa Cantata.

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