Saturday, May 31, 2008

Request for Prayers

Kindly remember two friends of the the local TLM community in your prayers for the intention of their health. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

about the arroyo administration particular the denr of which both were not really against illegal loggers and illegally cut lumber whom these nefarious activities were causes lost of lives of innocent people as well as its properties;
current govt and its gabinets pretend to be overlooked the welfare of people in this republic but seems lying on their own teeth;
fact is, their reluctance to adhere the provision states in the 277;
indeed,last January 24,2oo5 element from Phil.Navy region 7 apprehended (thru our information) a huge volume of illegally cut lumber totalling 208,000 plus boardfeet on board vessel MV LCT CONDOR which also causes of 22 among officials of the denr cebu city and davao were suspended order by then denr sec.mike defensor;
amazingly the said vessel was released at the time of then denr sec.(successor) angelo reyes without filing a case being accessories supposedly and even non-filing too to the owner of said smuggled lumber apprehended whom also even won the rigged-auctioned occured at the same year;
these all about also caught fear of our life that to be eliminated by syndicated group of which this govt and denr neglected us after we convince their pronouncement as to the citizenry of this republic as well to do in helping hand with them in battling these nefarious activities on our forest land but no one among the govt and denr has give an importance of what good are we doing nor give protection from harm;
in fact even our claim of infromants reward as mandated under said E.O.,P.D.705 in section 68-B states "20% for the reward of informer from the proceeds of the auctioned smuggled lumber but since then of last quarter of 2005 they still ignoring;
thence, we do seek your prayer thru this space that hopefully said govt and denr may release of our said claim though the intercession of blessed mary and also your precious prayer this things be put into end...amen