Monday, January 28, 2008

Somascan Priests in Bicol to be Armed with the 1962 Missal

This is an update of the report Rev. Fr. Abraham P. Arganiosa, CRS prepares for Tridentine Mass.

From Fr. Abe Arganiosa's Blog:

My request for personal permission from my superior didn't simply received a positive response, much more it received an active support and encouragement from the same superior.

Yesterday evening, Fr. Richard gathered our community and armed with printed copies of the 1962 Latin Missal he informed our community that all of us priest must practice the Traditional Latin Mass so that all of us shall be prepared to celebrate it properly. Fr. Superior reiterated that as religious it is inherent in our religious consecration and vow of obedience to follow directives of the Holy Father for the benefit of the people of God. Thus, the preparation for TLM is no longer limited to Fr. Abe alone but it has gained a communitarian status with our own head leading the way. I'M VERY PROUD TO BE A SOMASCAN!

Fr. Richard provided us with clear copies of the text and in some evening sessions we shall practice the prayers and the canon because despite the fact that we studied Latin and we can read Latin he insists that familiarity with the texts is a must. Besides, even if we can read or know English we need especial practice if we want to declaim Shakesperean piece or recite a Browning's poetry so it is in Latin Mass it necessitates familiarity and practice so that we know where to stop or to breathe and recite the sentences properly for people to hear.

God bless our Fr. Superior and God bless our Somascan Community of ACI Sorsogon!

Congratulations to Fr. Riccardo Germanetto, CRS(see above photograph) and Fr. Abe Arganiosa, CRS! Thanks for being priests!

We hope and pray that Fr. Germanetto's initiative will encourage superiors of other religious communities to support Summorum Pontificum in their own respective communities in obedience to the will of Christ's Vicar.

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