Saturday, January 26, 2008

CBCP Plenary Session Today

This can simply be just a simple coincidence but what a great joy to celebrate the first Tridentine Mass in the cathedral of Cubao at the same day when the whole bishopric of the Philippines converge to begin holding their plenary session to discuss among other things, implementation of Summorum Pontificum of the Vicar of Christ in the Philippines.

An email from Carlos Antonio Palad:

On January 26, the CBCP will begin holding its plenary session. Among other things, they will be discussing the implementation of Summorum Pontificum in the Philippines.

We pray that the discussion on the implementation will be truly in line with the thinking of Holy Mother the Church and that of the Holy Father guided by his cover letter to the bishops. I pray that they will not be influenced and be guided by the spirit of rapture.

My lord bishops, the Holy Father has clarified that the Missal of Blessed John XXIII was never abrogated and that it is perfectly lawful to celebrate Mass according to this form. May you be supportive of priests and faithful, both young and old, who are attached to this form. May you lead others to appreciate and love this extraordinary form of our Roman Rite.

Sancte Michael Archangele, ora pro nobis.

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The Postmodernist said...

I'm with great enthusiasm on the CBCP's plenary session particularly on Summorum Pontificum. I'm inclined to say that after this, the traditional Roman Mass will spread like wildfire, throughout the archipelago. However, just in case, Summorum Pontificum supercedes even a plenary council of bishops.