Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fr. Abraham Arganiosa's Ad Orientem Mass

In relation to the posts: Rev. Fr. Abraham P. Arganiosa, CRS prepares for Tridentine Mass and Somascan Priests in Bicol to be Armed with the 1962 Missal, I'd like to share a photograph of Fr. Abe offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass according to Missal of Paul VI (Novus Ordo), that is ad orientem with Latin and using Eucharistic Prayer 1, during a private Mass last December 2007. Fr. Abe offered the Mass with dignity, reverence and solemnity it deserves making best out of the altar items and vestments available for our use.


Fr. Abe, CRS said...

The only regret that I have on that Mass was that I didn't bring my own Chasuble and Stole except the Alb I was wearing since the Apologetic Seminar.

Also it is a pity that I didn't sing some portions of the Mass such as the prayers [Opening, Prayer over the Gifts, Closing], the Preface and the Pater Noster. Although there was no choir it would have been wonderful since some of the faithful present could surely join me in singing the Kyrie, Sanctus and the Pater Noster.

It's alright. I obey the strict rule of my cherubicly bright acolyte, Bro. Caloy Palad and everything went well despite the fact that we were tired after almost 3 hours of seminar presentations and the Q & A portins. Imagine we reached almost 1:00pm to finish the Mass with no merienda beforehand except the taking of water, it was a perfect sacrifice for the Lord.

Ate Claire Navarro was also very efficient as reader and guide. She was incandescently bright wearing her white veil. She was stunning to behold -- a young woman wearing the veil with such dignity and grace.

How can I ever forget the solemnity on the face of the faithful as they knelt in front of the celebrant in order to recieve the Lord in spirit of worship and adoration.

Next year it will be better because we shall better our best for the Lord.

God bless you Bro. Gerald -- you and your readers.

Bro. Ryan said...


indeed, your holy guardian angel is very well pleased in adoration during your holy mass. Instaurare Omnia in Christo pro deo et ecclesia.

ryan davao city