Sunday, July 08, 2007

Summorum Pontificum

The much awaited document from the Holy Father has been made public. For quite sometime, every single bit of news was just rumors, now, all is real. Will we have more Classical Mass in Manila? Hopefully. For those who are still curious what the Classical or what is popularly known as the Tridentine or Traditional Latin Mass is all about, we should let them know where they can find one, in a small and humble parish church in Sikatuna Village, Cubao, The Lord of the Divine Mercy, the Classical Rite is celebrated once every Sundays at 1:30pm.


Frank Chow said...

The Traditional Mass is celebrated at 1:30 p.m. every Sunday, not 1:00. I attended Mass there last Sunday, July 8, near the end of a three-week visit to Manila from Vancouver, where, coincidentally, my wife and I belong to Divine Mercy Parish, a Traditional Roman Rite parish of the Archdiocese of Vancouver in the care of an FSSP priest. My sister and her teenage son, who live in Quezon City and who had never attended a Traditional Mass before, accompanied me. It was a most moving experience to be part of a congregation of different ages, backgrounds, and social classes all singing and praying with great fervor in a common language, Latin. Like the people who come to Divine Mercy Parish in Vancouver, those who attend the Traditional Mass at the Lord of Divine Mercy Parish in Sikatuna Village come from all over the metropolis and are there because they want to be there more than anywhere else at that particular time. The parish priest alluded to this in his remarks about the motu proprio, which had been published just the day before, when he said that he might lose a number of people who had been with him since 1999, if their local parish priests follow the Holy Father's wishes and begin to offer the Traditional Mass in those parishes.

Thank you, Gerald, for telling us about this Mass at the Lord of Divine Mercy Parish. That's how I found out about it. Would you happen to know if the parish priest has an email address?

Gerald said...


I hope you could tell the FSSP priests about the Classical Mass here in Manila. I also hope they could visit us someday soon. I will ask about Fr. Jojo's email this Sunday.

Father Jojo is one in a million.


Gerald said...

Hello Mr. Frank Chow,

Kindly leave you email address at my blogs' email:


jei said...

I was moved seeing the Tridentine mass being celebrated again by a Diocesaian Priest....I was deeply moved by the spiruality,reverence and honor...I actually deciding to make the Sacred Church my home church...I do hope someone outthere culd help me get what i should wear,what time the mass starts and do I need to bring my Grandma's Missal?...hope someone could help me....Cause I'm now ready to Go Back Home to God....

Gerald said...

Hi Jei,

I am delighted to know that you are ready to go back home. Deo Gratias!

Attire should be anything decent. Preferably long pants for men and perhaps a collared shirt. For women, a dress with long skirt and perhaps a head covering. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is scheduled Sundays at 1:30pm. I would suggest that you bring the Missal with you for you to be familiar with the parts of the Mass and the prayers as well.

Private Masses are also offered during the weekdays. This week, it will be at 4pm except Tuesday and Saturday which will be at 8am. You are allowed to hear/assist in the private Mass if you happen to passby.