Sunday, May 20, 2007

Metro Manila Classical Roman Rite Pictures

Here are some pics of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Classical Roman Rite here in Metro Manila. It is celebrated by the parish priest, Fr. Michell Joe Zerrudo.
Lord of the Divine Mercy Altar

Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti...

The Body of our Lord is lifted up for worship

The Blood of our Lord is lifted up for worship

I would like to thank Fr. Jojo for allowing me to take pictures of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Fr. Jojo Zerrudo is truly an inspiration and guide to us faithful who love the Classical Mass.


mumof3 said...

Hello there. My family is facing a possible relocation to Manila and I have been browsing the net for where we can attend the Tridentine Mass in Manila. Where exactly is the Lord of the Divine Mercy? What is the frequency of the Tridentine Mass and the times? Thank you very much and God bless.

Gerald said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting. It is located in Maamo cor Madasalin Sts, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. The Traditional Mass is at 1:30pm every Sunday. I'll provide a map before the day ends.

mumof3 said...

Hi, Gerald.

Thank you for your assistance. By the way, is the Mass celebrated by SSPX priests? Just wondering.. Please do let me know.

Thanks again,

Gerald said...

No. He is a diocesan priest. It is an Indult Mass in union with Rome and the Pope.

Best Regards,

Sir J said...

this is great news...i've been following up on activities/news re: motu proprio of BXVl on the LTM in various blogs. Although majority of the world's bishops are still reluctant, there seems to be small but steady forward strides in the implementation of the papal directive. I did not know that the Philippines has one already based on the indult of JPll; this should be posted on the blogs promoting the TLM. Just for clarification... is this licit? recognized by the catholic church, specially the diocese of cubao?
I was tempted to try the mass of the SSPX in New Manila but, if this is true, then all i can say "DEO GRATIAS".

Gerald said...

Yes. This is licit as this is an indult mass duly approved by the diocese of cubao.

The Perpetual Malcontent said...

The bishop of Cubao has really earned my respect with this.

But since the motu proprio, you guys should quit calling yourself an indult community. Perhaps the "motu" community? :)

Gerald said...

Hello! You are correct, since the MP any tridentine indult community should stop calling itself an indult community because as what the Holy Father said, it was never abrogated, and just clarified the matter. The Cubao tridentine indult community has ceased calling itself an indult community when the MP came out.

Jepjep said...

hi. sorry but i must correct you. the tridentine rite is not the classical roman rite. if you want to know more about the classical roman rite that predates the tridentine rite, you may look up the Ordines Romani particularly Ordo Romanus Primus which was how the Mass was celebrated by the Pope during the 6th to 8th century or even earlier. any competent liturgist would tell you that - even fr. zerrudo.

Gerald said...

Hi jepjep, the definition of classical used is as being synonymous to Traditional as per usage of the Institute of Christ the King and the Fraternity of St. Peter.

Thanks for posting! :-)

Jepjep said...

I'm sorry but that is just so misleading. Please correct this. They're creating a misconception. They are two different things.

Francis said...

Jepjep i think is an MA in Liturgy and member of the liturgical commission of the Diocese of Cubao. I think he has a point Gerald.

Anyway, we must believe to the one who is very competent in this matter.

Hey Gerald, are you from Sikatuna???

Anthony S. Lizarte said...

Are those people belong to the Diocese or the parish-community??? Their faces are not family though I stay in Sikatuna for almost 25 years of my life...

Me and my family doesn't go to Mass in Divine Mercy because of the Latin Mass... There are so many parishioners go to anywhere else because our "home-parish" became a home for others... the Traditionalist as they called themselves...

Gerald said...

@jepjep. I appreciate it. For some reason i rarely use the term now. If you look at the more recent posts, I use the Tridentine and TLM more often.

@Francis. Hello! No, I am not from Sikatuna.

@Anthony. Does that mean you attend Sunday Mass at another parish Church?

francis said...

hi gerald! anthony here. yup! from the moment fr. michell came into our parish and start fighting with the parishioners and having that latin mass, many parishioners went to other parishes. he is not that hospitable and kind priest like fr. ronald. the term which i can use that i learn in UST is "he is not pastorally concerned". hope someday he can celebrate mass that is a MASS OF THE PEOPLE... i think that is Liturgy... just to clear, im not angry with fr. michell, just giving the opinion of my parents and the other parishioners... almost all who attend his mass are from other places, who are his "fans" who call themselves "traditionalists..."

Gerald said...

@anthony. I am sorry to learn about the attitude of the parishoners of PLDM against Fr. Zerrudo and the extraordinary Form. Fr. Zerrudo is very orthodox in his ways and teachings and not many are like him. It is not so much about being traditional, it is about being orthodox. I hope and pray your fellow parishioners would realize how lucky you are to have a parish priest such as Fr. Zerrudo and the Extraordinary form right in your parish church.

Iosephvs said...

Why is the Traditional Latin Mass also called the Classical Roman Rite?

The word ‘Classic’ in the usage of the Classical Roman Rite to mean the Mass according to the Missal of Pius V through John XXIII, denotes something which has become timeless. It does not refer to the mass in any period of Christian history, not the 1st-4th centuries, not the Gothic era, not the Middle Ages nor that of the Renaissance etc. etc. etc.

First Disclaimer: We do not wish to get embroiled in a debate here as to how the Mass was celebrated in the first 500 years of the Church, for one that is an area of Liturgical Archaeology something by which all Catholics have been cautioned about by Pope St. Pius X in his encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis and the accompanying document from the Holy and Universal Inquisition, Lamentabili Sane. We Catholics who are not liturgiologists cannot simply put our opinion on this issue as if one who is with authority.

But going back to the topic, Classical here is used as in the sense of Classical music. Take for example Johann Sebastian Bach, he was a composer of the Baroque era in music, then put in say Chopin who comes from a different milieu- the Romantic era. Today however, we lump-in together the music of both Bach and Chopin into one category- Classical music. Why? It is because, both composers made works that exemplify what we call music- timelessly. Classical doesn’t even have to mean timeless in the sense that it’s loved by many over time, NO. If you played a Vivaldi in your office, I’m pretty sure all your officemates will start nagging at you, but no one will tell you Vivaldi’s works are not music! Now take on the other hand the Macarena. Perhaps back in ’95, people in droves will agree with you that it is music, but play the Macarena today and ask yourself is it still music?

To be ‘classical’ means being able to exemplify what you really are regardless of epoch, area or milieu. And you can extend this argument to literature as between Classical Literature and Contemporary Literature, and to just about a lot of other things.

So in the end, the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Extraordinary form of the Mass, or the Mass according to the Missal of Pope Blessed John XXIII, whatever else you call it, is called the Classical Roman Rite, not so much because it was the way the ancients celebrated the mass, nor because it is popular since time gone by and until now: No, it is Classical because whether you assist at it now or in the 16th Century, you will never ever be able to say IT IS NOT THE MASS! There is no misleading here, this form of the Mass is classical, and it is very right, correct and proper to call the extraordinary form of the mass as the Classical Roman Rite!

Iosephvs said...

Oh and by the way Jepjep, it is not only "some" of us who use the term 'classical' to refer to the Liturgical forms prior to the Pauline Reforms of 1970. If you read carefully the most recent encyclical of the Holy Father Benedict XVI, Spe Salvi, n.10 paragraph 2, quoted here:

"I would like to begin with the
classical form of the dialogue with which the rite of Baptism expressed the reception of an infant
into the community of believers and the infant's rebirth in Christ."

Here, the Pope is talking about the Rite of Baptism according to the Rituale of Pope Blessed John XXIII.

So I think, unless we wish to put ourselves more knowledgeable than the Pope himself, it is proper to call the Extraordinary Form of the Mass the Classical Roman Rite.

Fr. Joseph said...

Nice topic.

Iosephus, I think, Jepjep is right. I also learned that in San't Anselmo during my years of study in Liturgy.

The "classical" form that BXVI quoted in the baptismal rite is very different with the "classical" reform that they're talking about.

You quoted:
"So I think, unless we wish to put ourselves more knowledgeable than the Pope himself, it is proper to call the Extraordinary Form of the Mass the Classical Roman Rite."

Eh! Eh! Eh! Please study Liturgy - correctly with open mind and heart - and you will know what's right.

Gerald, nice site! This discussions will really help people to understand more the Tridentine Rite. Listen to the person/people who has great knowledge about these topic.

The Diocese of Cubao has very great members from the Commission of Liturgy, congratulations!

Herbert said...

I would like to react to the statement of Lizarte which says that their home parish has become a home for others. I think this is not the correct term to use especially that we are Christians. Christians are hospitable. St. Paul in the New Testament commands us to be hospitable. And who are these traditionalists? (I am one of them, I came from Bicol and whenever I have chance to go to Manila I see to it that I attend the traditional Mass in Sikatuna, I am greatful for that opportunity). Besides why would the staff or others fight over the Traditional Latin Mass. It is scheduled Sunday at 1:30 p.m. it does not interfere with the regular schedule. In fact there is nothing wrong with the Latin Mass. It does not compete with the Novus Ordo, in fact those who do not prefer it has other options. The Latin Mass is also the Mass of the people. Because it is Christ who is there and he offers himself for the people. How blind we are sometimes to let our prejudices cloud our thinking and our sense of Christian Charity. Di ba kayo naaawa sa mga kapwa Katoliko natin na mga traditionalists na walang mapuntahan except sa Misa ni Fr. Jojo? Di ba kayo natutuwa na may mga taong dumadalaw sa parokya ninyo? I think it is wrong and unethical to compare parish priests. Remember we have personal differences and people are not the same. All students enrolled in Psychology 101 knows that. Now you said you are no longer attending Mass at Sikatuna because you moved to another parish to attend Mass. How was the reception? Did they received you well? If so, then they are really good Christians and perhaps you can emulate that in your perception of the people assisting at the Traditional Latin Mass in Sikatuna. Dapat nga matuwa tayo na may mga nagsisimba sa parish natin. Thanks to Fr. Zerrudo for providing for our pastoral needs, especially to us Traidtionalists who have been oppressed for so long. And why abhor the latin mass. It served the Church well for many centuries and why all of a sudden it has become abhorrent. Please read the Motu Proprio and the accompanying Letter of Pope Benedict. Thanks.

jojo said...

Thank you, Herbert for your defense of the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in PLDM Sikatuna Village. I am just sad that Anthony said that I quarreled with parihioners to have the Latin Mass there. That is not true. As you have correctly observed, no Regular scheduled Mass was displaced when the schedule for the extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite was made. Anthony, before I came to Sikatuna, have you been going to Mass at 1:30 pm on Sundays? What a very unholy hour for Mass, don't you think so? That is why I admire the faithful who come for this Mass even at a very inconvenient hour. Anthony's objection to traditionalists' invasion of the Sikatuna residents' private space reminds me of the older son in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Hearing the festive music on account of the return of his long-lost brother, he refused to enter his Father's house to welcome his brother back. If you take offense at the coming of nonresidents of Sikatuna to our parish Church, then is it not also logical that the parishioners in the Church where you attend now should also take offense at your invasion of their worship space? Anthony, be hospitalble because Abraham was not aware of the fact that in being hospitable to strangers, he welcomed Angels to his table.

Again, Herbert, thank you for coming to our defense.

martin said...


I am saddened by the fact that you lament the introduction of the Tridentine Rite in your Parish, and that you have to label it as "that latin mass". and i don't appreciate labeling the Novus Ordo as the "MASS OF THE PEOPLE". the Tridentine Rite WAS the Ordinary
Form of the Latin Rite from until Advent of 1969. and the fact is after the implementation of the Novus Ordo the Catholics of England and Wales petitioned Pope Paul VI to retain the use of the Tridentine Mass (the so-called "Agatha Christie" Indult) because they were slaughtered wholesale during the Reformation for their adherence to the Mass. that's not just mere sentimentality on their part. don't get me wrong,I like the Novus Ordo as well, SO LONG AS THE RUBRICS ARE FOLLOWED. we are tired and appalled by priests who substitute their own words for those of the Missal, those who use vessels like champagne glasses and coconut shells (like this one activist priest, not the one who likes to run) for chalices and rice cakes for hosts, those who use profane songs instead of liturgical ones during mass, and so many other abuses. i have not found this in the Tridentine Mass. the fault, however, isnt with the Rite itself but with the pastors who are not "pastorally concerned" as you might say because of their twisted orthodoxy, knowledge, and sense of obedience. as with you and your fellow parishioners who transferred parishes for reasons which i cannot fathom, id say your loss is our gain.

Alvin Keith said...

Mr. Anthony and among others,

The Tridentine Mass is also called "The Mass of Thousand Saints" due that some holy men and women become saints because of the Tridentine Mass. Why you dont try to attend the mass and to explore the secret of many saints? Your parish is indeed lucky because of a good priest like Fr. Zerrudo and your parish is famous for the Tridentine Mass unlike other parishes that kailangan pang magpaadvertise at magpapansin para lang dayuhin ang simbahan nila. Maybe because of the Tridentine Mass in PLDM, many vocations will sprout, there will be more souls who will convert and reconcile with God, Blessings and grace will come on your parish, and holy people will come. Baka malay niyo, baka sa parokya niyo mangagaling ang susunod na Pilipinong Santo o ang susunod na Santo Papa. Mr. Lizarte and among others, I will pray for you so that you might be enlightened. Again, there's NO bad thing in the Latin Mass. People of God, Continue to attend the Latin Mass celebrated in PLDM. Naiinggit nga ako. Mabuti pa iyong Cubao Diocese mayroong parish na gumagawa ng Latin Mass (I am from Novalches Diocese) samantalang sa amin, wala (with the excepttion for the Latin Mass sa may convent ng Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate sa may Maligaya Park Subd. sa Novaliches). Fr. Zerrudo, thanks for celebrating the Latin Mass with Love and Devotion to our Lord and for His People. God Bless Us all!

Alvin Keith said...

Mr. Francis,

I want to give a short comment on your statement on the Tridentine Mass. I am not from the Cubao Diocese (I am from the Novaliches Diocese) to speak about this matter. The Latin Mass is also the mass of the people, like the Novus Ordo. In your comment that Fr. Zerrudo is not a 'pastorally- concerned' priest, Fr. Zerrudo is a "pastorally-concerned priest". In fact in the contrary, He gives the right spiritual needs for the people unlike others who lead the flock into an open pit. Be lucky and be thankful to God to have a priest like him. He is doing the right way and he is not a priest that will lead you astray. Try to attend the Latin Mass and see the secret of many holy people who become saints because of it.

Anonymous said...

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