Tuesday, July 10, 2007

CBCP's response to the Motu Proprio

From the CBCP Website:

CBCP welcomes Pope’s Letter on Latin Mass

MANILA, 09 July 2007— “We fully welcome with respect and appreciation the recent Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XVI on the “Tridentine” Mass. It clarifies for us the status of the Tridentine Mass in the Latin language,” said CBCP President Archbishop Angel Lagdameo in a statement released today.

Pope Benedict XVI issued Saturday a motu proprio Pastoral Letter entitled “Summorum Pontificum" saying that Tridentine Mass approved by Pope John XXII in 1962 “continues to be permissible as an extraordinary form” of celebrating the Mass.

In the same statement, Lagdameo said that the mass being practiced today by Catholics throughout the world is the “new mass” which was introduced after the Second Vatican Council and approved by Pope Paul VI in 1970, which has become the ordinary form of the mass and more popular among the people because it allows the use of some approved adaptations, including the use of popular languages and dialects.

Supporting the Pope’ Pastoral Letter, Lagdameo stressed that the Tridentine mass has never been forbidden and abrogated but should be celebrated by priests of the Latin Rite only in private masses, in conventual or community celebrations, or in parishes when requested by the faithful but under the guidance of the local bishop.

Lagdameo further said that permission by Pope Benedict to celebrate the Tridentine mass is given on condition that it should follow the formula of the Council of Trent.

But news priests, he said, will require formation before celebrating the Latin mass. (Roy Lagarde)

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