Sunday, July 08, 2007

Disinformation Campaign against the Traditional Mass

[This post has been recently updated]

Now that the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum has been made public, the disinformation campaign will start. One of the most subtle poisons being disseminated is that the priest faces away from the congregation. How often does one read this in the newspapers or from other sources? It is being spread and constantly repeated as if to brainwash the people.

No. That is an illogical perspective.

The logical perspective is this: he does so, so that he would face, with that same congregation, the Lord on the cross and lead them to prayer.

Would you rather let the priest turn his back against the Lord so that he could turn to you instead? I hope we'd rather let the priest face the Lord and give the Lord reverence due Him.


Aldrich said...

I'm trying to get my family ready for mass today at Divine Mercy. We live in Sta. Cruz Manila. Is the Church hard to find? What's the appropriate attire for latin mass here in the Phils?

Gerald said...

Sorry, I missed your post because we left early today. Were you able to attend the Mass? Anything that is decent is appropriate. Most men wear collared shirt and pants and most women wear veils and skirts. Thanks for posting.

Frank Chow said...

The church is not hard to find as long as you have clear directions. From EDSA, turn east onto Kamias, then keep going until Anonas Extension (there's a McDonald's on northeast corner). Turn left onto Anonas, go a short distance past the Ace Champion supermarket, and turn left onto Maamo Street. The church is at the corner of Maamo and Madasalin Streets.

I attended the Latin Mass with my sister and her son on July 8, near the end of my three-week visit from Vancouver, Canada. As we waited for Mass to begin, a woman in the pew behind us tapped my sister's shoulder and offered to sell or lend her a veil to wear. She was quite persistent, so my sister gave in and borrowed a veil, which she returned to the woman after Mass. It was the first time she had attended the Traditional Latin Mass, and I was interested in her thoughts. She said that once she got used to the idea of wearing a veil that possibly belonged to someone else, she found that it helped her to focus on what was going on at the altar, because of the limited view to the left and right. She promised me "more to come" during my next visit to Manila, and I'm looking forward to taking her up on it!

Gerald said...

Hi Mr. Frank Chow,

Kindly send me your email address to this: prodeoetpatria28 at gmail dot com.