Thursday, November 25, 2010

Crisis of Journalism

The media frenzy of what it thought to be a 360 degree turn of the Catholic Church's doctrine of using condoms is truly lamentable. The secular society, liberal and progressive factions, quickly swarmed  like vultures over a piece of dead meat. The lie quickly spread like wildfire and the proponents of the RH Bill in both government and private sector celebrated like the Emperor Nero when he burned Rome to ashes.

Despite numerous clarifications coming from the Vatican and Church representatives, the journalists seems to have never reported anything that would correct the lie they helped spread. They continued with presenting headlines such as "Vatican: Everyone can use condoms to prevent HIV" or "Vatican broadens case for condoms to fight AIDS" or "Condoms lesser of two evils." The author of the book "Light of the World," Peter Seewald decried a "crisis of journalism" that the Pope's words were taken out of context or falsely presented around the world and yet this has never reached the headlines.

It is becoming clear that their continued persistence on the lie that the Pope and the Catholic Church has already deviated from her previous teaching is indeed an open and direct assault against the Catholic Church by the secular press.

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The Pinoy Catholic said...

I was once a trainee of a major daily newspaper and studied at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

I know how liberal and anti-establishment the men with the pen are.

And I know I will not survive in such a hostile environment that is why I thank God I did not end up a full time journalist even if there were offers that came my way when I was still an intern.

God is good!