Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Priests are God's men.

The priests are God's men. They have given their lives for Him and so they belong to Him and Him alone. Let them do their sacred duty of offering the Sacrifice of Calvary that brings us closer to His heavenly glory. Let us not give the world the opportunity to own them once more and trap them but instead let us allow these priests of our Lord the opportunity to bring us closer to God our Father in heaven. Encourage them to wear their cassocks more often, if not always, for they are priests not only when administering sacraments but they are priests all the time: they should be easily recognizable as such, priests. They should not feel ashamed to wear garments proper to who they are: priests. Encourage them to pray their breviaries everyday for it is through daily prayer and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and not social functions where they gather their strength. Let God's grace work through them for they are the link, called by God, that binds heaven and earth. The priests are God's men. When they fall, it is only because we are stubborn not to let go of the world. When they fall, it is only because we do not support them with our prayers. When they fall, it is because we do not love them as priests. Love them not as celebrities but love them with a sense of sacredness and awe for they are priests. These priests are God's men chosen by Him, elected by Him.

Photo Credits: Jesson Gonzaga Allerite
                       New Liturgical Movement

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