Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just like buying candies

These condoms are displayed on a stand where it is clearly visible, easily accessible and within the reach of teens and young kids. No need to ask for it from a counter clerk, just grab one, pay for it and go. That's how easy it is to buy condoms in these drug store outlets inside the country's most popular chain of gigantic malls.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with making condoms available to everyone who wants to use it. Don't you think it's important for everyone who engage in sex to have easy access on these products that will protect them from STDs and unwanted pregnancies? If the young kids pick it up, that means they dont know how to read. Any kid can pick up anything they see not just condoms. They can pick up vases, glasses and knives that are displayed too massively in malls. If they do know how to read and have no idea what it was, then we blame it to the catholic church for restricting us in sex education. We also blame it to people like you who are uptight on this and refuse to admit the fact that there are diseases that are transmitted sexually and that one solution is to use these products.

Paolo said...

The argument of the young kids that can pick up "vases, glasses and knives" unfortunately does not hold water in this case, as these items do not intrinsically promote the use of the said items to perform sin. Contrast this to picking up condoms wherein the intrinsic utility for this is in the commission of the sexual act.

We do know from contemporary psychology and neurology that young men and women are immature in decisions given that their neural connections are still in development, unlike those who have aged more. Despite all advances in education and science, it doesn't change the fact that intrinsically, the sexual act between a man and a woman will be result in babies - and that law will not bend even to immature young people who will have sex and are not prepared for the consequences. Thus scientifically, it's folly to assume that having more education on this matter will deter this truth - you can't buy maturity in decisions on the sexual act and complete neural connections with more sex education know-how starting from one's early years as they are biologically incapable of doing so.

Having contraceptives easily accessible is akin to laying a loaded gun, but this time, for young men and women to have sex (and definitely outside the context of marriage granted that we don't marry children before 18 in this country, legally). If we don't just sell loaded guns to children IN PLAIN SIGHT, why should we afford the same with condoms and contraceptives IN PLAIN SIGHT, and afford them the opportunity to sin?

Better hang a millstone around your neck then throw yourself into the deep seas rather than corrupting the mind of the young.