Friday, August 22, 2008

Defensores Fidei Apologetics Course

The Defensores Fidei Foundation will be offering an apologetics course every Saturday starting September 6th. All are invited to join to learn more about the faith and defend it when necessary.
  • Date : September 6th on (every Saturday except November 1st
  • Time : 9 AM to NOON (registration starts at 830)
  • Fee : FREE
  • Where : Mary the Queen Parish (St Ignatius Room) Madison St. San Juan next to Xavier School. Location will switch to Lay Force at San Carlos Seminary Makati starting October until graduation day.
  • Schedule
    • Introduction to apologetics (orientation) September 6
    • Church and Magisterium – Marwil - September 13
    • Holy Scripture and Tradition - Caloy – September 20
    • Papacy – Marwil - September 27
    • Sacraments I – Marwil – October 4
    • Church History – Carlos – October 11
    • Sacraments II – Fr. Abe - October 18
    • Marian Doctrine – Marwil – October 25
    • Christology – Fr. Cayo November 8
    • Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura – Caloy – November 15
    • Local Sects and their Common objection - Marwil – November 22
    • Foreign Sects – Ed de Vera – November 29
    • Moral Issues – Caloy – December 6
    • Graduation, Christmas Party and Holy Mass- December 13


Anonymous said...

baket si marwil ang magtuturo? di ba kaya ng pare magturo? pag-amen ba yan na bulol ang mga pare sa sancarlos pagdateng sa apologetiks?

dff101 said...

Brod, please identify yourself first to show your ethical standard para walang bastusan.

Medyo bastos ang dating mo.

It shows what kind of formation you have.


Dante said...


Beautiful blog you have here.

Re: the apologetics seminar, I hope they can also hold one here in Cebu. I really want to learn apologetics.

I hope the organizers will also tape the talks and put them in Youtube, or as mp3s, so that they will also be available to the public, or to people who want to learn apologetics. =)

God bless you.

Fr. Abe, CRS said...

Dear Anonymous,

Our priests are pastors of the Church. They are concerned about the Administration of the parish which includes the Parish Pastoral Council and all its umbrella organizations: Catechists, Choir, Lectors, Lay Ministers, Altar Servers, etc. Much more our pastors are called to provide the Sacraments to our faithful since nobody can do so except the ordained ministers like them.

The great majority of our priests are faithful to their ministry and vocation. They are dedicated and hardworking and are loved by their parishioners genuinely.

Not all of our priests are trained for apologetics instead they were trained to for pastoral ministry, for evangelization and for teaching the substance of the faith. Apologetics requires particular training and formation besides the basic training for priesthood. Even if you check the history of the Church, not all apostles are like St. Paul, St. Stephen, St. Barnabas and others who were engaging the Pharisees and the pagans in public debates. Not all were writers and have written a systematic defense of the faith. Even during the Patristic period, not all of our Bishops and priests were ready for Apologetics. In fact, the virtuous priest consulted by St. Monica refused to debate the young Augustine because he knew that he was not prepared for that. Among the thousands priests and bishops in the patristic period very few were apologists. And it is the same now.

I am a Roman Catholic priest and a member of Defensores Fidei.If you want to meet an apologist priest please attend my schedule and also that of Fr. Estrada.

Here in Sorsogon I am the only one doing a systematic apostolate on apologetics and several lay people have joined me in the bandwagon. In Metro Manila, one of the oldest Apologetic group, the ST. PETER'S MEN SOCIETY was established and trained by Msgr. Jose C. Abriol - the great Biblical scholar. Even Bro. Marwil also received knowledge and trainings from the hands of our priests like the Biblical Scholar Fr. Jerry Tapiador who is one of the DFF advisers. In the United States, before the rise of Dr. Scott Hahn and the rest, there was Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen first and in the 80's Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

Catholic Apologetics is always a cooperative activity of ordained ministers of the Church and the lay people. You will get to know that if you will emerge yourself in genuine Catholic Apologetics.

God bless you.