Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update: TLM in Bicol

Photos and Narration by Dr. Herbert B.

For the First time, on July 20, 2008, the Traditional Latin Mass in Sorsogon City under the auspices of the Somascan Community in Aemilianum College, Sorsogon City, made public the celebration of the TLM. The event was recorded and broadcast over ACITV-5, the local television station operated by the Aemilianum College. For the first time the Traditional Latin
Mass in Sorsogon City was broadcast live over television. We were also grateful for the presence of Bro. Mark Robinson Bunag, a Seminarian from the Diocese of Kalookan, Metro Manila, Philippines who willingly served as Cantor and at the same time organist. He helped prepare the students to served as schola cantorum who sang the common parts of the mass such as the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus Dei. It was indeed surprising that in just a short time the girls who sung the commons were able to get it almost near perfect. Moreover, Bro Mark excellently chanted the Introit, Graduale, and Post-Communion. His presence and the cooperation of the students of the Aemilianum College made this Missa Cantata possible. I took along with me my cousin who is a candidate for transitional deacon, another student and my co-worker Mrs. Gina. The three of them had wonderful comments about the way the Mass proceeded. They were extremely impressed with the music and one thing they said was that they appreciated the solemnity and the punctuated silences of the Traditional Latin Mass less evident in the Novus Ordo. Fr. Abraham Arganiosa, CRS our chaplain have wanted to make this Mass public but at that time he felt not so confident as yet with the rubrics. But Fr. Abe’s progress in learning the old rite is impressive. He is self-taught as far as the rubrics are concerned and has displayed great humility to learn the rubrics. He never allowed hectic schedules and communitarian duties to hamper his willingness to learn the rubrics of the Traditional Roman Rite.

The development of the TLM apostolate in Sorsogon City was indeed a miracle and clearly has the blessings of the Lord. I remember that way back in February it was just Fr. Abe, myself and a couple of persons who were there attending the Mass. We are also grateful to Fr. Richard, CRS the then superior of the House for allowing this mass and it was he who even suggested that it be moved from a Wednesday to a Sunday primetime. Today we are also grateful to Fr. Lino, CRS, the current superior for extending the permission.

As we quietly continue the apostolate we were blessed with the arrival of the Ladies from the Alliance of Two Hearts who volunteered to join the Traditional Latin Mass every Sunday. They also volunteered to clean the church, the altars and helped provide the linens. These Ladies are our “Dorcas”. Fr. Abe fondly calls them “Confradia de San Geronimo”. And today with these ladies, their families and children we have now the “stable group” required by the Summurom Pontificum.

The development of this TLM apostolate is indeed a miracle and a sign of the Goodwill of the Lord. In less than a year progress is being made. I almost despaired of looking for a priest who will be willing to celebrate the Mass. Through the power of blogging and internet networking with fellow Traditionally inclined Catholics Fr. Abe responded to my request and almost by the sheer goodwill of the Lord, there has never been an obstacle. But we realize that in the future there will be tests but we pray and trust in the Lord. Recalling the words of St. Teresa of Avila, “Be afraid of nothing, all things passes away, only the will of the Lord remains.” Thanks be to God for giving us the chance to show the splendor of the Church, the beauty of his temple.

O, Lord my God, where shall we go? You have the words of eternal life!

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Arturo Bastes said...


My Apostolic Blessings!

Bishop A. BAstes, DD

Fr. Abe, CRS said...


Dear Bishop Bastes!


Thank you very much for your apostolic blessings and for your words of encouragement. Our eternal gratitude. O how I wish to kiss the hand of your excellency to pay homage and respect to our beloved Bishop of Sorsogon - our successor of the Apostles, teacher of the faith and father of our Diocese.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In Jesus and Mary's Name,


Anonymous said...

paging archbishop legaspi, kelan po tayo mgkakaroon ng Gregorian Rite sa Camarines Sur, at least sa Naga man lng? ...kasi nman idol nya si piero marini...

DR. HERBERT R. said...

It is sad that Naga is the center of Catholicsm in Bicol and it has splendid churches and a very beautiful Cathedral suited to the Tridentine Rite. But sadly no one takes the interest. The sad part is innovations like canned music is played during mass. I attended several masses before where the singers were not real people but music coming from recordings. I would consider this a liturgical abuse. Because singing should come from real voices and real people who are alive and present during the celebration. We should praise the Lord from our human voice as he is pleased by the praises of his faithful. Not pre-recorded music.