Saturday, August 04, 2007

The little bookstore that could

Mainstream bookstores in Manila in most cases do not carry a good number of orthodox catholic books. One would either have to go online to order or just wait and pray until these books hit their shelves.

With the continuous threats and offensives from the secularist world, every Catholic should know where to find quality reinforcements, in other words, orthodox.

Fortunately in Greenhills, City of San Juan, there is a specialty bookstore that offers the widest range of various topics about the Catholic Church, from Apologetics to Church History, from Philosophy to Spirituality, from Doctrine and Dogma to Social Teachings written by well known catholic authors such as Aquinas, More, Chesterton, Hildebrand, Ratzinger, Hahn, Keating, Ray, Madrid, Sheen, Newman, Groeshel to name a few.

Totus Bookstore is a perfect resource not only for the faithful, but for the priests and seminarians as well.

Visit Totus Bookstore online here.

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