Sunday, August 05, 2007

Extraordinary Reverence

Photo from FSSP

Because we are creatures approaching our Creator, the traditional mass, with the extensive rubrics composed of bows, genuflections, vestments, signs and incense teaches the faithful to approach God with a contrite and humble heart. Indeed Jesus is our brother and friend, but we must never, never forget that He is our God, our King who sacrificed Himself by suffering and dying on the cross for our sake. That thought alone should be enough to compel us to bow when we call upon His holy name, to kneel or genuflect in front of His presence, to offer to God an extraordinary Mass with all our love.

This is the traditional roman mass, the extraordinary form, freed by His vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, to be made fully available come September 14 to all faithful of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church. Thank you, our dearest Holy Father. Thank you to the many bishops and priests who expressed their support to you. Long live Pope Benedict XVI!


Iosephvs said...

Hi gerald,

Thanks for putting my blog in your network. I'd like to add yours, prob is I dunno how to do that.

It's really so great to see that Fr. Z's (the filipino Fr. Z :)) mass is attracting more people, especially now that the MP has gone out! I dunno if it's just the chapel which has become smaller than the one in Masambong, or it's just the sheer number of people swelling in Divine Mercy during the tridentine mass. I believe it's the latter which is true.

Speaking of Fr.Z, has he any plans to invite other priest of Manila to maybe celebrate a solemn high mass, complete with deacons and sub-deacons on Sept. 14... you know just by way of Thanksgiving for the MP. I hope so he does. :)


Gerald said...

Hi iosephvs,

i do not know yet of his plans on Sept. 14 though, but it would really be great to have a solemn high mass or a pontifical high mass with a bishop soon.

Many are searching for a sense of sacred these days they just don't know where. I am glad we have found the indult Traditional Mass. I am glad more people are discovering the beauty and sacredness of the Mass. I really am thankful for the people, Fr. Z(errudo) and all, who kept the spirit of Catholic tradition alive for us.