Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is that a Catholic Altar?

No it is not. It is Lutheran. Quite surprisingly. this Lutheran altar looks more Catholic than those in many catholic churches...tables where the priest and the people can talk yada yada during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass...."The Lord be with you...nobody nobody but you!"

And yes, this Lutheran altar faces the liturgical east.


Father Jojo Zerrudo said...

Wonderful picture. Where did you find it?

Gerald said...

Father, I first saw it on Father Z's blog yesterday morning.

Dr. Herbert R. said...

I have been to Sweden, I visited the Uppsala Cathedral and the neighbhoring Churches there. All were former Catholic Churches prior to the reformation an now these churches are Lutheran. And to my amazement despite of centuries under the Lutherans the Lutheran Churches there retain the outward appearance of Catholicity. Although in Doctrine they may no longer be Catholics but the outward appearance and the rituals are very much more conservative than what we do here in the Philippines. Mas Katoliko pa ang appearance ng churches nila kesa sa atin. They still have those altar railings and the side altars. The altar in one small church there is still attached to the wall. I guess many priests here in our country under the pretense of liturgical reform has destroyed many of our patrimonies. Perhaps seminarians should be taught subjects or courses in Humanities/Art so when they become priests will learn to value and preserve religious art. Visit my Blog. I have articles there about sweden http://thefilipinotraditionalromancatholic.blogspot.com/2008/11/visit-to-uppsala-domkyrkan-cathedral_25.html