Sunday, February 14, 2010

Philippine Government mocks St. Valentine

The Philippine Government has mocked what is supposed to be a Catholic day of commemorating one of its saints, St. Valentine, by promoting promiscuity on the guise of protection against sexually transmitted diseases. The Department of Health handed out leaflets promoting safe sex with a "Be Safe Always, Valentine" packs of condoms to men buying flowers at Manila's Dangwa wholesale flower market.

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Gov't hands out free condoms with Valentine's Flowers

St. Valentine was a holy priest in Rome who never renounced his faith despite the beatings by club he had receive from the Roman authorities led by Emperor Claudius II. Eventually he was beheaded on February 14 at about the year 270. He is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travellers and young people.

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