Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anti-Life Catholic Politicians


Proponents of the RH Bill, like Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros, argue that the RH Bill is "pro-life" because the bill aims to save the lives of mothers and children through adequate healthcare methods.

You are Pro Life at the expense of the helpless unborn? Who are you kidding Rep. Hontiveros?

Senator Benigno Cojuangco Aquino III, on the other hand, should make a stand for life, specially that of the unborn, and uphold orthodox Catholic moral teaching.

The Pope speaking to the newly ordained bishops reminds the heirarchy and us laity as well:

"The fidelity of the servant of Jesus Christ also consists precisely in the fact that he does not seek to adjust the faith to the fashions of the time."

Go figure catholic politicians and clergy who have taken an anti-life stance.


Ian said...

The CBCP should call for another massive Pro-Life Rally at the Luneta.

reshrout said...

we shall await each aspirant's platform on the most important issue, which is life alone.

Ian said...

Senators Aquino and Escudero and Secretary of National Defence Teodoro should renounce their Pro-Choice stance now.