Saturday, August 01, 2009

President Corazon Aquino Dies

A sad day for the whole Philippines as her former President Corazon C. Aquino passed away of cardio respiratory arrest early this morning at 3:18 am, August 1, 2009 after battling colon cancer for more than a year. She was 76.

Corazon C. Aquino was not only once the President of the Philippines, as she, being just a simple housewife prior to her presidency, became her mother, reminding her successors of their responsibilities and duties to the people, reminding her fellow Filipinos the gift of freedom and reminding them, more importantly, their relationship with God.

In 2004, she composed a prayer for a happy death. This was published recently in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Almighty God, most merciful Father
You alone know the time
You alone know the hour
You alone know the moment
When I shall breathe my last.

So, remind me each day,
most loving Father
To be the best that I can be.
To be humble, to be kind,
To be patient, to be true.
To embrace what is good,
To reject what is evil,
To adore only You.

When the final moment does come
Let not my loved ones grieve for long.
Let them comfort each other
And let them know
how much happiness
They brought into my life.
Let them pray for me,
As I will continue to pray for them,
Hoping that they will always pray
for each other.

Let them know that they made possible
Whatever good I offered to our world.
And let them realize that our separation
Is just for a short while
As we prepare for our reunion in eternity.

Our Father in heaven,
You alone are my hope.
You alone are my salvation.
Thank you for your unconditional love, Amen.

Requiem aeternam dona eis nomine Domini et lux perpetua luceat eis. Requiescant in Pace.


Ian said...

I am not an Aquinista, as a fellow Marian devotee and devout Roman Catholic, I am praying for the eternal repose of Mrs. Aquino's soul.

Francis said...

Cory is in heaven... Amen!


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