Monday, December 22, 2008

Announcement: Christmas Mass Schedules Extraordinary Form

Come and join us in celebrating the Nativity of our Lord the Extraordinary way: with a sense of the sacred and mystery.

Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy
Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Missa Cantata Midnight Mass December 25, 12:00AM
Missa Cantata Midday Mass 1:30PM
Low Mass Octave days of Christmas 8:00AM except
Missa Cantata Sunday within the Octave 1:30PM

St. Jerome Emiliani and Sta. Susana Parish Church
Ayala Alabang, besides Ayala Town Center
Christmas Carols December 24, 10:30PM
Missa Cantata December 24, 11:00PM
with live telecast via NBN Channel 4
starting at 10:30PM


Bruce in Iloilo said...

By extraordinary form is meant the Tridentine Latin Mass, correct? I almost missed this post because I searched in Google for Latin Mass and Quezon and Google did not lead me to this post. It led me to an earlier post.

Gerald said...

That is correct. Do you and your wife happen to be in Manila this Christmas? If not, you may be able to catch the event via NBN starting at 10:30PM.

Bruce in Iloilo said...

We are in Manila and hopefully will come by but we have one concern: will it be possible to get a taxi after the midnight mass? I don't want to be stuck over there at 1am wondering the streets looking for a ride back to Timog Ave. I sent you an e-mail on this too.