Monday, June 30, 2008

Historic Solemn High Mass Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy

Photos by: Ed Ceñir

In commemoration of the Feasts of Ss. Peter and Paul, the TLM community of the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy organized a Missa Solemnis or Solemn High Mass last June 29, 2008. The organizers faced some great obstacles during the last 48 hours before the Mass as the deacon and subdeacon unexpectedly became ill. The Missa Solemnis was saved, thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ, as Fr. Abe Arganiosa, CRS was available to be part of this historic occasion. Fr. Abe took the role of deacon while seminarian Bro. Mark Bunag filled the role of subdeacon.

My father, as most of us that day, had no experience of any solemn high masses in our whole life could only comment that it was beautiful and the most solemn mass he has ever ever experienced, how much more, he said, if we had formal training.

Congratulations to Fr. Michell Joe Zerrudo, Fr. Abraham Arganiosa CRS, Fr. Froilan Rivera, Fr. Zenki Manabat, Sem. Mark Bunag, Dennis Maturan, Carlos Palad, cantor Felix Valenzuela and other nameless individuals whose help and contribution had a great part in making all this possible.

Our prayers for the quick recovery of Fr. Zenki Manabat and Fr. Froilan Rivera.

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Fr. Abe, CRS said...


I still remember vividly that Solemn High Mass. It was the first ever TLM High Mass I ever attended and there I was a deacon. My eternal gratitude to Fr. Jojo for allowing me to serve him that great day and also to you Bro. Gerald and Sem. Mark Bunag for your generous and patient efforts to guide me every step of the way.

During the Mass my stomach was aching since I have not taken lunch. For fear of being late and in order to have a practice, Bro. Caloy and I rushed to Sikatuna right after we packed things up in St. Jerome Parish in Alabang. But, everything went as if it was a dream. So heavenly and so divine.

Thank you very much.

Fr. Abe, CRS said...

Bro. Gerald, please send me pictures of this High Mass. I haven't got a single pic out of it. Thank you so.

Anonymous said...

dear friends, i am flattered to be the subdeacon last sunday. congratulations to everybody who is involved in organizing Our 1st solemn high mass.

jojo zerrudo said...

Dear Fr. Abe,

Thank you for serving as deacon. I'm sorry for not attending to you because we joined the procession in honor of Sts. Peter and Paul. May the intercession of the Blessed Apostles obtain for us the grace that the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite be celebrated by more priests in more parishes

kawen said...

hi there. here's the link from the TLM last June 29.

i didn't upload all of it. so if you want some more shots i could email it to you. just send me a PM.

hope i get to see u again in PLDM. GodBless.

~ kawen