Sunday, April 13, 2008

Father Abe Arganiosa, CRS TLM at Divine Mercy

The Latin Mass community of the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy was honored to have Father Abe Arganiosa, CRS celebrate his 3rd Mass according to the extraordinary form yesterday morning, the 12th of April.

Father Arganiosa, whom we fondly call Father Abe, is one of the very few priests we know who desires to learn the Tridentine Mass not only out of obedience to the Holy Father, but also out of his great love and devotion for the Mass, whether it is in the ordinary or extraordinary usage. Through reading the Vicar of Christ's apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum given motu proprio, he saw its wisdom and relevance to him as a priest. Summorum Pontificum after all, as Father Zuhlsdorf would say, primarily is for priests.

Being new to TLM, it was evident that Father Abe was struggling with the rubrics, but despite of this, his enthusiasm was strong and his love and reverence to every single gesture, movements and prayer was clearly seen. Congratulations Father Abe!

A personal account of Father Abe is posted in his blog the
Splendor of the Church.

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GoGettyer said...

off-topic: Do you know of any Eastern Rite churches in Manila? I've been searching on the internet to no avail, but one of my friends said there was one. I've also heard that before the motu proprio there have been Opus Dei communities celebrating in the extraordinary form.

Carlos Antonio Palad said...

Re: Opus Dei communities celebrating the EF: there were some Missa Cantatas celebrated in an Opus Dei chapel in 2004, but these were neither celebrated by priests of the Work nor attended by members of Opus Dei.

No, there are no Eastern Catholic churches or chapels in Manila, but there are two Greek Orthodox parishes -- one in Paranaque, another in Quezon City.

GoGettyer said...

Thanks for the info. Shame there's no Eastern Catholic churches, as I've grown fond of the Divine Liturgies.