Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TLM in Manila and Paranaque

Carlos Palad has just sent us the following information:
Thanks to Summorum Pontificum, we can now announce that a regular TLM is being celebrated once more every First Friday and on certain feast days (as announced), in the following venue in the City of Manila:

The Marian Center
1170 R. Hidalgo Street, Manila
Tel. Nos: 632+704-9712

This center features a small library full of pre-Vatican II books on the liturgy, Catholic doctrine and morals, etc. The chapel of the center is very small -- it can fit about 15-20 people, all in all -- but the altar is placed ad orientem. This tiny center is located on the road between two of the great shrines of central Manila: the Basilica of the Nazarene (or Quiapo Basilica) and San Sebastian Church, a Gothic-style structure made entirely of Belgian steel. The center itself is practically under the shadow of the latter shrine.


The celebrant is Msgr. Melencio De Vera, former rector of Manila Cathedral.Masses are normally held at 1:00 PM, but the time varies. It would be best to call ahead for the

Fr. Elijah Pantorilla OFMConv. has begun to celebrate daily TLM in the houses of various supporters in Paranaque, a suffragan of Manila. Please help us find a proper venue, church or a chapel, within the Paranaque and Pasay area where he can celebrate Mass.

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