Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pre-Vatican II Tridentine Mass in Cebu

I found this photo in Skyscrapercity forum of a Tridentine Mass (Low Requiem Mass) taken before Vatican II. The photo was from John Ada and posted by arnold_carl . It's amazing to find discussions of the Traditional Mass in such an unusual place.

Carlos Palad made some very good observation that helped determine that the above picture was definetely pre-Vatican II:

The picture is definitely pre-Vatican II.

Looking at it, I can pick out the following details which help me date this picture:

1) There is no free-standing altar. Only the ad orientem high altar occupies the sanctuary

2) The communion rail is covered with an elaborate houseling cloth, which was obligatory in the Mass until made optional by Bl. John XXIII in 1961

3) The pulpit midway down the church is still in use, and is apparently decorated with fine fabrics

3) ALL the women are wearing veils, and the veils are predominantly black, which is really the tradition (only unmarried young women wore white veils; black veils are for the married and widowed)

4) The catafalque in the middle of the church is very tall and elaborate, something not often seen even in contemporary traditionalist liturgies. The candles around it are also very tall.

Kuya Dennis helped identify it as a Low Requiem Mass while Armand sent us photos on how the church looks today:


Jesson said...

I think my parish has lost its original catafalque (together with its 15th century chalices and patens) during the general cleaning of the convent at the onset of the Novus Ordo implementation, but the present catafalque is as high as the traditional ones. We would usually fit inside ('cause its hollow and covered only by a black skirting cloth).

Xian said...

This is in St. Catherine of Alexandria Church, Carcar, Cebu