Wednesday, November 14, 2007

TLM Offered in St. James the Great, Ayala Alabang

I just received this from email:

Annuntio Vobis Gaudium Magnum,

We had the first Sung Traditional Latin Mass according to the 1962 Missal 6pm last night at St. James the Great Parish in Ayala Alabang with a less than a hundred people in attendance. Msgr. Moises Andrade was celebrant at the High Altar donning gold vestments while I was at the prgan with an impromptu schola chanting the Missa di Angelis. Thanks to the initiative of parishioner, former Malacanang Protocol Adviser Ambassador Daniel Victoria who is an expert with the pre-Vatican II liturgical rubrics, serving as Master of Ceremonies to several bishops and cardinals starting with the late Cardinal Santos in the 1960's. We learned a lot from his detailed experience at his residence afterwards. I will announce the future Alabang TLM at our yahoogroups. Those near the Caloocan, Malabon or Valenzuela area may attend Sung TLM every Sunday at 8pm with Msgr. Andrade at the National Shrine of OL of Fatima at Valenzuela near Fatima College.

We need voulunteers to be Mass servers and part of the choir/schola!



LC_Cole said...

Dominus Vobiscum!

I am very happy read many issues and activities you have about Traditional Latin Mass. I was also inspired by your soul-opening Web intro:
"We have allowed the errors of the secular world to creep over the Catholic Church. Rather, we should conquer the errors of the secular world with the Truths of the Catholic Church. We shouldn't only be patriots of our country but patriots of the Church as well."

Yeah! We should defend our Holy Catholic Faith! We should act as PATRIOTS to our Holy Mother Church. I'm doing a little in my own ways now as I'm a beginner about Latin and I'm in awe about the soul binding beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass.

I think you know Father Skelton. He will be celebrating a low mass in Tridentine in our Chapel today, December 1, 2007. Our Chapel is devoting the Immaculate Heart of Mary and located at Upper Delapaz, Cortes, Bohol.

I will return soon and read more of your posts and issues.

Diego said...

I live in Almanza (near the Las Piñas-Muntinlupa border) and St. James the Great is within easy reach of my neighbourhood. Can you tell me which Yahoo Group the e-mail author (Dennis) was referring to? I'm eagerly looking forward to attending my first Traditional Mass so I'd like to keep myself updated on when it's likely to happen next in the Las Piñas-Muntinlupa area.

Gerald said...

Thanks lc_cole.

Gerald said...

Diego please send me an email to prodeoetpatria28 @