Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lord of the Divine Mercy Week Day Private Mass Continues

The weekday private Mass offered by Father Zerrudo continues. He says "We are presently trying our best to make the Mass according to the 1962 Missal more readily available to all." The weekday private Masses shall be offered this week from Monday to Saturday at 3:00pm except on Tuesday at 8:00am. He is appealing for altar servers who would assist at his private Mass and also some of the parishioners to sing Gregorian Chant.

The Eclessia Dei Society of St. Joseph is also currently publishing Sunday Mass missalettes for those who cannot afford to buy a missal. The missalette contains English translations of the Propers of the Mass and other inspirational materials from legitimate sources.


Iosephvs said...

oh I'd love to serve but it's just that my work schedule isn't stable yet, given the fact also that Divine Mercy is quite far from Makati. Ne'ertheless it may be a good idea for everyone capable to still learn how to serve, just so in case. How 'bout you? :)

Mentioning of missals and missalettes , where could we buy hand missals? I mean excepting Baronius (which means online- I don't have a credit card). Would you know? Thanks.

It was nice meeting you last Sunday, I'm sorry I was still doing the thanksgiving when you approached. Never got to converse with you more... :)

Anonymous said...

There is a Latin Mass booklet sold for Php 50 at Divine Mercy courtesy of the Ecclesia Dei Society of St Joseph. This is the abridged missal sans the daily readings and other prayers. Nonetheless this is also an effective tool in familiarising oneself with the order of the Mass.

Perhaps you can serve during Sundays only if your work schedule is still not that stable.

God bless you.


Gerald said...

Hi Iosephvs,

It seems that Bro. Mans is training kids to be altar servers. It was a welcoming sight last Sunday to see these kids interested to serve the Mass.

I also would love to help serve but I need to step back and have these kids be the priority at the moment.

Bro. Tony or Mang Tony has second hand missals. I bought one from him, palm sized. You may want to send your mobile number to my email so I can send you Mang Tony's mobile number.


Mon said...


Would it be possible to ask for priests from Divine Mercy to celebrate TLM in other parishes?